Mallee Physio – Swan Hill & Kerang

Located on the corner of Beveridge & Gray Street in Swan Hill and just near the Clock Tower in Kerang offering a range of rehabilitation and recovery services.

Our services

At Mallee Physio we have combined state of the art facilities with a highly qualified and varied team of health professionals, with substantial experience in physiotherapy, exercise physiology, myotherapy and allied health. This allows our team to offer a variety of treatments tailored for each individual, including hands on therapy, hydrotherapy, land-based exercise, and education.



·Conditioning & Recovery

·Exercise Physiology

·Remedial Message


Our services are suited to a variety of conditions and injuries, such as those experiencing muscle pain, work injuries, transport accidents, sports injuries, muscle dysfunction, recovery, rehabilitation and pain management.

Client-focused Care

The Mallee Physio team are passionate about their work and they will take the time to assess every situation, to create a personalised treatment program suited to your needs. We strive to help our clients recover as quickly and safely as possible, as well as educating them on how to continue managing their individual condition.

Leading the way in injury rehabilitation.

As a highly-reputable physiotherapy clinic in Swan Hill & Kerang, our clinic boasts state of the art equipment and innovative facilities suitable for all injury rehabilitation needs. Our team understands the importance of maintaining health, fitness and physical function while suffering from an injury or health condition. Our clinic offers clients a more realistic way to keep physically active during these periods.

Our Mission & Vision.

Our mission is to help you improve and maintain your health and well-being, by making positive changes. We are passionate about keeping you involved in decisions about your treatment, and tailoring our treatment accordingly.

Our vision is to change the face of the rural health, by providing access to experienced health professionals and contemporary facilities in regional communities.