MYOTHERAPY 101 | Samantha McKenzie


What is Myotherapy? Myotherapy means ‘muscle therapy’. Is a form of physical therapy used to assess, treat and prevent muscle pain, injury and dysfunction. It is a physical form of therapy that has substantial experience  in musculoskeletal conditions affecting movement and mobility. Founded on Western medical principles including anatomy, physiology and biomechanics, it is used […]

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Achilles Pain (Tendinopathy) Explained | Ebony Gerrish

achilles pain running

What is the cause of Achilles pain? The most common cause of Achilles pain (tendinopathy) seen in the clinic amongst patients of all ages and abilities are common overuse injuries. Generally, these tendon injuries occur when load the handling capacity has been exceeded. Factors influencing load may include changes in volume, intensity, type of exercise, […]

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Dizziness or vertigo management | Leah Ferrari

Dizziness or Vertigo

How to manage dizziness or vertigo. Mallee Physio often see people following a referral for the management of dizziness or vertigo and the majority of clients are surprised to learn that physiotherapists can help with this problem – especially if the symptoms are triggered or made worse by movement. Dizziness is a general term that […]

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Hip And Groin Pain In Sport | Physiotherapist Lucas Hoare

Groin Pain

Hip and groin pain in sport is very common throughout all regions. Being located in Swan Hill, Kerang and Bendigo sport is often referred to as the heart of these communities. What can cause hip and groin pain? It comes as no surprise that we see hip and groin pain affecting athletes of many levels […]

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