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Hip And Groin Pain In Sport | Physiotherapist Lucas Hoare

Groin Pain

Groin PainHip and groin pain in sport is very common throughout all regions. Being located in Swan Hill, Kerang and Bendigo sport is often referred to as the heart of these communities.

What can cause hip and groin pain?

It comes as no surprise that we see hip and groin pain affecting athletes of many levels from many ages. The majority of sports include at least one if not more of the following activities fast running, jumping, kicking, change of direction and physical contact.

Structures often implicated include the adductor muscles, hip flexor muscles, the hip joint, hernias, lower back referred pain and the pubic symphysis just to mention a few. Let’s not forget there could also be more sinister causes, which demand quality assessment to avoid long term harm.

running hip and groin pain

How can a physio help with hip and groin pain?

Physiotherapists have university degrees and continual professional development training. This continually helps in the effective assessment, diagnosis and treatment for hip and groin pain in patients. Is there one perfect treatment for hip and groin pain in sport? Absolutely not. Depending on what is causing your hip and groin pain the physio will provide a treatment plan. Sometimes an injury or diagnosis is beyond the scope of physio. Physio’s will guide patients in the right direction to manage their pain or injury.

The teams at Mallee Physio Swan Hill & Kerang and Healthy Mates in Bendigo work incredibly hard to match your treatment with the goals you have.

If you want to be back water skiing, playing football, netball, basketball, running, cooking in the kitchen the list is endless our goal is to get our patients back to doing what they love as soon as possible.

Is pain holding you back? Contact the teams at Mallee Physio and Healthy Mates or book in online.

Written by: Lucas Hoare
B. Physio, APAM Mallee Physio.