Programs & Classes

Our Programs & Classes include:

  • Supervised Hydrotherapy
  • Healthy Mates High-Intensity Interval Training (HITT) Circuit
  • Recovery
  • Infant & Children’s Swimming Lessons

Supervised Hydrotherapy

Supervised by our qualified physiotherapists and exercise physiologist,  our hydrotherapy classes combine our state of the art hydrotherapy facility with our expert staff .  Within these sessions, our health professionals can provide tailored exercises using their knowledge of injury/disease rehabilitation, within the comfortable environment of warm water.

Healthy Mates Conditioning Program

A 30-minute High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) session, followed by a contrast recovery session in our spa and cold pool. The program involves 6 stations of varying cardio and strength-based exercises, modified for each individual by our allied health professionals. The program is appropriate for people of all ages, fitness levels, gender or weight, and provides similar health benefits as a lengthy endurance workout. Bring your friends, family and work colleagues to keep your health and fitness pursuits fun and enjoyable!


Our state of the art facility includes a hydrotherapy pool (34 degrees), a spa (38-40 degrees), a cold pool (12 degrees), and a sauna. These facilities can be used to perform “contrast therapy” – the process of cycling between warm and cold water immersion. Contrast therapy increases the efficiency of the body’s natural recovery processes, helping to remove the by-products produced by high intensity exercise.  Many elite sporting groups use contrast therapy to recover from the rigorous demands of their sport due to these benefits.

Infant & Children’s Swimming Lessons

Mallee Physio offers Infant & Children’s swimming lessons within our hydrotherapy complex. Our infant and children’s swimming lessons provide a safe and comfortable environment for your child to become familiar with the water and learn essential water safety skills.

For more information on class times and fees, please contact us.